Single Room Ripening System

Single Room Ripening System

Dedicated Single Room Ripening Controller
Fully automated single room ripening control system. Provided with ethylene gas cylinder and related instrumentation for complete ripening solution cycle i.e it controls ethylene and carbon di oxide levels for one complete ripening cycle ( from green to yellow) centralized ethylene control and monitoring system can be fitted to room as big as 250 tons provisions for ethylene scrubber and carbon dioxide scrubber.

Multi Room Centralized Ripening System

Centralized Ethylene Control And Monitoring System
Completely automated multiroom monitoring and control ripening system for controlling various parameters like temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, oxygen, ethylene (concentration for ripening) and scavanging for storage in controlled atmosphere. It controls each chamber individually. Has a single control panel at control room/ office can be far away from the chambers in to central location were it is controlled and monitored. Consists of a common cylinder bank from where the ripening gas is fed to each room through the centralized control panel.

Complete Ripening Management Solution

Installation of suitable ripening solution system as per the customers requirement, budget and capacity. Management and maintenance of system. Managing gas requirements for the customer. Providing upgrades and optimizing the process for other commodities. Making life simple for the owner.
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