Fruitron Ripening Systems

10 Room PLC Ripening System

10 Room PLC Ripening System
Fruitron Centralized Management Systems
Central panel supports up to 10 rooms.

Automated solution by Chemtron, best suited for ripeners targeting premium quality ripened fruits with precision control datalogging.

This solution is best suited for ripening chambers of 12 to 40 tons of fruit capacity.

Completely automated that controls parameters based on sensor feedback which ensures repetitive and most efficient ripening process.

Monitor parameters such as Temperature, RH, CO2 and Ethylene.

Control Temperature, RH, CO2 and Ethylene.

Sampling based Ethylene detection.

PLC, HMI and SCADA based system.

Data log on customer’s computer.

Potential free relay output to control Temperature and RH.



TemperatureAmbient Temperature with range 0 to 50 deg C.
Pulp Temperature (upto 4 probes) which can be inserted into the fruit.
Controls up to 2 indoor units and 2 outdoor units.
Can operate solenoids for Ammonia based refrigeration.
Relative HumidityAmbient RH between 10 to 98 %Operates humidifiers which are controlled by sensor feedback and hysteresis logic.
EthyleneMeasures Ethylene in the range
0 – 200 ppm.
Detection is based on sampling where air samples are sucked from the ripening room andanalyzedinside the panel.
OperatesGas Dispensing Unitsthat releases desired Ethylene into the ripening chambers.
Carbon DioxideMeasures CO2 in the range
0 – 3.2%.
Operates CO2 and fresh air dampersto remove the excess CO2 build up in the chamber.
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