Our Foray in Ripening Business

We have been doing research on ethylene based ripening system. We have decades of experience in ethylene based ripening system. A customer from gujrat who was puping mangos for its export unit called us and asked us to develop ethylene based ripening system which he had seen overseas. Since then he is ripening 40 tons for past 5 years. After learning the effects of ripening we done major research in developing automated ripening systems using ethylene gas cylinders. In 2005, we have fabricated three,400 ltr chambers in which we have done research on effects of ethylene,carbondioxide, oxygen and humidity effects on banana, mangos, papayas, lemon, oranges and close to twenty various fruits.

We are still optimising the gas concentration and its effect on ripening. Eg. The exact quantum of ethylene required for triggering ripening. By doing this we are trying to reduce the cost per ton borne by the customer. We achieved cost upto rs 40 / ton which is close to 4 paise per kg ( eg for banana the cost is 0.5 paise per banana). The effect of carbondioxide has also been optimised and we monitor the levels and control through ventilation fans and scrubber to effect repetitive qualtity on every batch. To date with our systems every batch coming out has same quality which has benifited our customers and hence has enhanced their market reputation.

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